River Living

The Hudson River is our summertime pool. As soon as the temps rise, our feet house our favorite sandals, and off we go. While we have an awesome riverfront right down the street, Cold Spring is another favorite spot of ours to venture to. Because...well...they have a homemade ice cream joint that is hard to beat. :)

So, The Bahamas are Wonderful

We took ourselves a little time off from life, and simply enjoyed each other without a care in the world. For a whole week. And it. Was. Wonderful.

I also committed to only shooting film for the majority of our excursions ashore, except for well, these lovely snaps. :) The sunshine, warm temperatures and close quarters were welcomed with open arms and proved to be such medicine for our family. Let the travel bug strike again.

Winter Baths

Time slows as winter arrives, as does our daily routine and rhythm of home. Daytime bath requests abound paired with a smiley yes. The film photographer side of me also enjoys these slower days, giving me time to pace myself and enjoy all things deliberate. Taken with a Polaroid 195, Fuji 3000b.

Featured on Wildlings Magazine.

Finally, Winter

After last year's brutal winter here in New York, we here at the Skinner household have been bracing for impact for..... well.... a few months now. This past weekend's snow shower was perfect and excitedly welcomed by our kids. Pink cheeks, hot chocolate, pancakes for dinner and audio books. All. Weekend. Long. :)